Thin Green Line ART

November 10th, 2009

Thanks so much best indicators for binary options to all of you who created postcards at the thin Green Line Festival at Somers in February. You have become part of the ThinGreenLineART Community Art Project and your artworks are now on their way to connecting people across the world for conservation.

Over 200 people at the Festival in February made art postcards by collaging images from re-cycled national geographic magazines. Their postcards send messages to Park Rangers and others around the world to show their commitment to making the world a better place for all living creatures.

In the process they explored stories of conservation and sustainable living, shared their dreams and hopes for the future, and had conversations about actions they could take. People who had never met became connected through the shared contribution they made by adding their artworks to the ‘postcard wall’ at the Festival.

The images people created spoke of saving our world for our children, of hope for world peace, of working together for conservation electronic trading platform, and doing as much as possible as individuals to make changes to our consumer practices. Many of these messages were also written on green cotton wristbands attached to the postcard for the person who receives it to wear so they can be reminded of their connection.

120 postcards which intentionally send a message of respect, gratitude and solidarity to Park Rangers around the world will be sent to the Ranger Associations for distribution. Another 80 people chose to send their postcards to our Australian Community, so these will be sent to schools, community groups, businesses and individuals, inviting the receiver to become part of the ThinGreenLineART Community Art Project.

The ThinGreenLineART Community Art Project is a community partnership between the Thin Green Line Foundation and the Mornington Peninsula Shire. The project aims to inspire people to become part of the collective solution for caring for the planet by creating postcards to send to their communities or to Park Rangers around the electronic trading platform in India world.

Project Connect Begins

September 7th, 2009

Suriname-Indigenous rangers- BrasilThe Thin Green Line Foundation is made up of people all over the world, connecting to support conservation and park rangers working on that frontline-The Thin Green Line.
A line is made up of many dots joined together!
Each dot- you- provides another important link.

With Project Connect we want to show the world we are all coming together for a common cause.

So send us you photos of people wearing a Thin Green Line t shirt, holding a TGLF sticker or postcard, or dvd where ever you are in the world.
Send it to

Here’s some great samples to start with- Indigenous rangers in the Amazon of Brazil, Australian workers sub Antarctic – MacQuarie island, the crowd a the TGLF Festival feb o9 with Xavier Rudd, and TGLF t-shirt touring Scotland.


tglf-scotland-kidsTGLF Festival- Australia Feb 09

More photos to be loaded soon from Thin Green Line DVD premieres, Music events and just random TGLF photos -connecting people across the world for conservation.

Send in you Project Connect story and photo for the THIN GREEN LINE

Hello world!

June 1st, 2009

Welcome to Project Connect. This is your first post!